Sunshine Supply Company has plastic containers and supplies for restaurants and dining establishments.

Who We Are

We Put Our Customers First

Who are we? First and foremost, we are listeners. If we didn’t listen, we wouldn’t be able to innovate products that meet your goals and needs. We also put our customers first. We have the best interest for our current and future customers in mind by working closely with your local distributors to make our company accessible to you. By doing so, we can help restaurants save money with local distributors and give new leads to those distributors. This philosophy is at the very core of our business, and we hope you hold us to it.

high-quality materials. fda approved. microwaveable. bpa free. patented locking system. high-quality materials. fda approved. microwaveable. bpa free. patented locking system. high-quality materials. fda approved. microwaveable. bpa free. patented locking system. high-quality materials. fda approved. microwaveable. bpa free. patented locking system.


It’s no secret that people want their food hot, fresh, and fast. We can’t do anything about fast, but we solved hot and fresh with our patented 4-corner lock system. But that’s just one of our innovations. Most of our containers are also microwavable so you don’t have to clean extra dishes. At Sunshine, we’re constantly trying to think about how to make our containers better. Because we don’t just see them as containers, we see them as protectors of your product.


High Quality Plastic

Many of our products use Polypropylene (PP) as our choice of plastic. It helps preserve the freshness and taste of the food. It delays evaporation, dehydration, and is resistant to fats and organic solvents.


Patented Locking System

Our 4-corner lock technology allows our lid to be fastened securely onto the container without any leaks, while still being easy to remove.


Diverse Products

We have designed a wide array of products to be suitable for various types of restaurants and cater to their needs of combo meals, sides, main entrées, etc.


Withstands Heat

Our containers have a high heat tolerance and do not leak chemicals compared to other plastics. This makes them ideal for holding hot liquids and food.



We made sure our containers are microwavable so your customers can reheat your food and retain freshness without having to clean extra dishes.


BPA Free

Our materials are made from organic plastics, which eliminates the possibility of BPA leaking into the foods when exposed to high temperatures, repeated washing, acidity, or alkalinity.

Company Values

Innovative Products

Sunshine Supply Company in Chicago offers restaurants reasonable prices to restaurants and food establishments.

Reasonable Pricing

Sunshine Supply Company offers restaurants and business with a rapid response to their supply needs

Quick Process

At Sunshine Supply Company we offer businesses and restaurants with reliable and certified products.

Reliable Products

Sunshine Supply Company in Chicago, IL, has the supplies you need to run your restaurant effectively.


In 1997, Sunshine Supply began as a small business selling janitorial products to restaurants. This allowed us to establish relationships with restaurants and understand the root of the problems they were encountering with their to-go containers: food spillage, poor insulation, and condensation.  

Sunshine soon decided to invest in a manufacturing company. Realizing quickly that the other investors were standing in the way of producing the best quality product, Sunshine took matters into our own hands and bought everyone else out. With originally no experience in manufacturing, plastic materials, designing, and engineering, Sunshine has grown and developed our products with patents and recognizable designs that have made Sunshine who we are today.