Three Benefits of Hinge Containers

When searching for the right to-go food containers for your restaurant, there are a number of factors to consider. From materials and style to cost and everything in between, it can be tough to find that just right solution. Here at Sunshine Supply, we’ve found that one of the most popular containers in our inventory is the hinge container—a versatile takeout food packaging solution that meets the needs of a wide variety of restaurants and meal types.

While there is truly no one-size-fits-all container, keep reading to discover why hinge containers are often the preferred choice for restaurants and customers alike. 

Convenient Attached Lid

The most obvious benefit of hinge containers lies in their all-in-one nature: the clamshell design keeps the container lid conveniently attached at all times. For restaurants, this results in a more efficient and simple food packaging process. Employees can spend less time assembling containers or finding the right lids to fit them and more time filling them with customers’ food. For customers, the attached lid is also an easy way to ensure container contents stay in place with a lid that will never get lost. 

Ease of Ordering

Another benefit that hinge containers provide restaurants is ease of ordering supplies. When searching for wholesale food container supply, restaurants tend to lean toward hinge containers because the containers and lids are one product—meaning they can be sold and delivered together. This creates one less logistical concern for a restaurant’s purchasing manager or owner, who likely have a ton on their plate already.  

When ordering hinge containers through Sunshine Supply, we also encourage restaurants to visit our Restaurant Hub, where additional promotions and discounts, as well as local distributor information, can be found.  

Made with 30% Less Plastic

By design, all hinge containers provide maximum convenience for both restaurants and customers. In addition to this benefit, our supply of hinge containers is also made with 30% less plastic than the average takeout container, without sacrificing strength or size. As more customers seek sustainable solutions from the businesses they support, this innovation is likely to appeal to a growing number of eco-conscious consumers. 

Still Deciding on the Container for You?

We’re happy to help you determine the right container for your restaurant’s unique menu and needs. Reach out to our team to start chatting or browse our products to generate a free quote today! 

Bright Ideas: Our 4-Corner Locking System

Searching for the perfect to-go food container to meet your restaurant or other food business needs is a constant challenge. Restaurant owners and product suppliers have long searched for that just-right combination that keeps food hot, preserves flavor and appearance, does not spill or leak and does not cost a fortune. Too often containers are flimsy, poorly designed or simply do not work for the food they are holding. It is no small task to overcome a negative review or poor customer experience because of a failed food container.  

Sunshine Supply Company has been an innovative presence in the container industry for over 20 years. Sunshine is committed to innovation in order to create products that patrons love and are easy for restaurant workers to use. The company has been working to drive the industry forward since our start in 1997, beginning as a small local janitorial supply company for restaurants. Today, we are a large-scale manufacturer, and our company only continues to grow and gain recognition for our recognizable, patented designs. 

Patented 4-Corner Locking System

Innovations and improvements to food container designs only come around every so often. Sunshine Supply has proudly contributed to the industry by creating a patented 4-corner locking system, which keeps food containers closed and its contents secure. This innovative design seals in freshness, prevents spilling and keeps food hot. Whether it is keeping leftovers fresh or presenting beautifully crafted meals on the go, restaurants can count on the 4-corner locking system to keep food looking great and full of flavor.  

Our patented 4-corner locking system: 

  • Is designed with both the consumer and restaurant needs in mind.  
  • Has a separate point of locking on each corner of the container, keeping the lid on securely.  
  • Is simple and convenient to use, while easy to remove.  
  • Keeps food hot, intact and prevents spills or leaks.  
  • Keeps food fresh, preserving taste and appearance. 
  • Is available in a variety of products, including single and multiple compartment containers and large capacity containers.  

Keeping food from leaking out of to-go containers is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces. So, Sunshine continues to innovate and push the envelope to develop products that are reliable, convenient to use and meet the individual unique needs of the remarkably diverse restaurant and food service landscape.  

Sunshine Supply Company uses high-quality Polypropylene (PP) in most containers and lids, and all plastic materials are BPA-free. PP has less of a likelihood to leak chemicals into food and is lightweight, sturdy, resistant to high heat and microwave safe.  

Over the last 18 months, the restaurant industry had to work hard to persevere. This has caused a major shift in the restaurant industry to focus more on delivery and pick-up orders rather than customers dining in. The focus on effective, high-quality, and affordable to-go food containers became more intense than ever before. Sunshine Supply Company has been at the forefront, providing restaurants and distributors with reliable products and impeccable service.  

Still Need a Reliable Container for Your Food Business?  

The need for reliable food containers that work and keep customers happy is an ongoing task, and Sunshine Supply Company is committed to serving the many needs of the restaurant industry. Dedication to creating innovative products, reasonable pricing, quick processes and reliable products are Sunshine Supply Company’s Four Pillars of Trust, which continuously drive us forward. From our patented 4-corner lock system and variety of container types to restaurant and janitorial supplies; Sunshine Supply’s team is ready to support your business in any way we can.  

Sunshine Supply Company offers a variety of ways to order products. Visit us online to learn more, see our specials and check out our “Restaurant Hub” to get a quote and locate a distributor near you!